With LED technology, it can be implemented very specific lighting requirements. Because the fact-based modern light sources represent a gain for the lighting design of indoor and outdoor spaces represent to its compact dimensions, the energy efficiency and the architectural integration provides LED lighting enormous creative possibilities.

Through its optical efficiency, LEDs are more energy efficient than traditional light sources and by ongoing development doubles the efficiency of the LEDs every two years. With the advent of LED lighting technology to industry, households and communities reduce your energy consumption is already strong. By concentrators and reflectors, scientists succeeded in the light of the LEDs to bundle such that LED light sources can be used as car headlights and streetlights.

Pros and cons of LED technology in street lighting

The advantages of LED technology in the use of municipal street lighting are obvious:

  • Long life
  • Compact and thus variable designs
  • Very high luminance

Nevertheless, there are also disadvantages:

  • Challenging thermal management
  • Still low light yield (40-110 lm / watt) (Updated 11/2007)
  • High cost
  • Yet limited lifetime, depending on the colour of light (white LED to 20,000 hours as of 6/2007)
  • Light colour variation in production (different colour vision in several lights in a street)

The development of LED technology operates very intense. Therefore, it is expected that the properties of these lamps will improve very quickly and problems to be overcome.

Patented LED light source (LANZ-LED 50) come to relieve the situation, as and to keep our environment by polluting substances (mercury, lead, noble gases, etc.). In addition, it is possible almost completely and a maximize energy efficiency to reduce CO2 emissions and save on energy costs.

Intelligent Light Sources

Because LED lighting systems are controlled better let them called intelligent light sources implementer.
Street lighting, for example, reduced-energy powered and booted in the presence of people or vehicles to full brightness are.

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Areas of light-emitting diode and the resulting range

The LED originally served only as a signal component for electrical appliances and cabinets. After having found materials and methods to improve significantly by the light output of the LEDs, and besides originally only red and yellow leave now LEDs in almost all colours of the light spectrum, the LED has now earned a reputation as a trendsetting lighting system.

The LED has become indispensable in our professional and private life. The LED range from wide variety of applications and it is already incredibly large and growing. Here is a basic overview:

Automotive Lighting

Car headlights, LED display technology, LED car lights, LED Car lights, LED bike lights, LED spoke light

Street lighting

LED pole lights, street lights,

Site lighting

Architectural lighting, ground spots, stair lighting, bridge lighting, LED lighting, LED orientation lights,

Household and garden

Flashlights, garden lighting, path lighting, solar lights, LED bulbs, LED baby night lights, recessed floor lamps, kitchen down lights, cabinet lighting, floor lamps, ceiling lamps, wall lamps, table lamps, LED TVs, path lighting, step lighting, LED lighting, LED faucet, LED reading lamp, LED bulbs, LED clip-on lamps, LED lamp hobby, pet collar, LED decorative lights, energy saving lamps

Sports and Leisure

LED headlamps, LED bike lights, LED helmet lights, LED camping lantern, toys


LED laser pointer, LED construction lights, camera light, Lit panels, LED photo light, LED ring light, LED panel light, LED video lights, LED studio lights, LED Lighting,
LED helmet lamp, LED advertising panels, OLED displays, OLED monitors, LED flash light, LED projectors, LED projectors, LED floodlight,

Industry / Technology

LED backlight, organic light emitting diodes, LED displays, LED displays, LED-lamp, LED colour printer,

Effect lighting

Christmas lights, decorative lights, rechargeable battery-powered decorative lights, LED candles, LED lights, LED tea lights, mood lighting with colour change LED disco lighting, lighting objects, light design objects, LED real wax candles, LED Source Lighting, LED grave light, LED glass edge lighting, LED matrix, LED nameplates, LED bars, LED curtain


LED Fashion LED clothes LED T-shirts, sweatshirts LED, LED belt buckles, LED watches, LED jewellery, LED Party Accessories

The LED lighting industry, especially the new LED damp-proof luminaires, is distinguished by its high-performance use. Depending on the model and provider, the LED light systems are used in work places with extreme temperatures and humidity. Depending on the manufacturer, so average temperature range of -40 ° to +65 ° C is possible, and allows multiple applications.

LED lights are damp for industrial buildings, high-bay warehouses, gas stations, garages and many other places demand-oriented available. Industrial sites, the special features are exposed need special lighting, to meet individual requirements. It is dust and splash protection be just as important as resistance to gasoline, acids, alkalis, or oil.

In addition, the use of outdoor lighting is possible. Other features of the LED bulb in the industry are high maintenance intervals, a drastic reduction in energy costs, instantly retrievable and full light output after power, a considerable intensity, no mercury pollution, and flicker-free and noise-free operation.

Another plus point for the bright LED lights for damp-proof luminaires and LED Tubes is the low heat, which is generated during operation of the lamp. This feature the LED technology is predestined for use in cold stores, as they are not warmed by the light source. The incandescent light bulb is up to 95 percent energy in the form of heat to their surroundings. Bulbs for business customers give contrast from just a fraction of the heat and allow a reduction of about 65 percent in energy costs.

The life cycle of an industrial company can be improved so significantly, since large amounts of savings in CO2 and the greenhouse effect can be counteracted. Furthermore, the company deliberately dispenses with the conversion to LED lighting industry, the use of mercury lamps.

Fantastic lighting for garden and terrace – LED Ground Light

LED floor lights are visual and technical highlights in your garden, driveway or patio. This ground spots have environmentally friendly LED bulbs and are virtually maintenance free. The LED floor lights come in many varieties. With angular or round stainless steel bezel, as well as 12 volt or 230, depending on whether you prefer on your property, low voltage range or high voltage cable.

The reason it is also recessed lighting in various shades of light: warm white and white really. Optical sound also known under the names daylight white, cool white and natural white. Great advantage of our basic spotlight is that you can easily screw on LED lights and use an LED bulb that you want, whether orange spot in red, green, blue, or GRB. Anything is possible.

This LED floor lamps are processed very stable and have incorporated safety glass in the panel, so it is possible to navigate the basic spotlight to a vehicle up to 2 tons. Of course, floor lights waterproof to IP67. The radiator cost complete with LED bulb only EUR 29.99.